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Denise Lanier for Team LFF
Pedaling to raise funds & awareness for The Leary Firefighters Foundation
You know how Superheroes always have people offstage repairing or replacing damaged masks, lassos & capes, enabling the superpowered to focus on saving the world? Someone provides equipment to protect them during the rescuing, technology & the training to use it. I’ve always been in awe of our round-the-clock actual Superheroes, firefighters who put their lives on the line day in & day out. My awe is only outstretched by my gratitude, which is why I’m devoting my fundraising efforts to The Leary Firefighters Foundation—the finest Superhero supporters that I know of. I’m the first person to be granted use of a recumbent trike as reasonable accommodation for disability in the NYC Marathon. Before Multiple Sclerosis I was a triathlete with the dream of completing the NYC marathon one day. As someone who ambulates now with the help of a mobility assistance service dog, I thought I’d let that dream go forever. So the only thing that will make November 7th a more glorious victory for me would be to know that I’ve made a difference for this organization that I feel so passionate about. If I can help LFF’s mission move forward as I pedal across the finish line, I will feel a bit like a cape-wearing, lasso-wielding hero, myself! Please take a look at what LFF has already done for firefighters & the communities they serve on the History page of LFF’s web site; then come back here & donate whatever you can. Just think of LFF as the folks who enable our firefighters in their Superhero ways, the team that steps in to provide for them & their families when needed. Remember, in helping firefighters LFF serves all of us! After you donate today you can proudly claim to be a Superhero supporter & can consider yourself part of the Superhero cheerleaders, pit crew, geek squad & benevolence society. I’m grateful for your generosity to The Leary Firefighters Foundation & for the privilege of being allowed to feel like a mini-superhero for our country’s real Superheroes on November 7th.