#2015NYCMarathon for #GoTeamFox in the Rearview!


THANK YOU to everybody who donated & cheered me on!

Turning on my Charity Miles App. for Michael J. Fox Foundation at the Start Line. Because using the Charity Miles App. is like earning money – that gets donated directly to your favorite charity – while you’re riding/running/walking. Fundraising while fundraising; it’s how I like to roll. #EveryMileMatters #NoOppWasted


Conversing with a fellow 3-wheeler as we headed up the Verazzano Bridge. This hand cyclist is a priest, who’s done so many NYC Marathons I can’t even remember the (high) number. I asked him if he’d ever listened to confession while on the marathon course, and he said No. A half of a moment went by, then he turned & asked me, “Do you have something you need to confess?”  To which I answered, “I’m sure I do, but the marathon is only 26.2 miles, and I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with you.”

I couldn’t tell if he could tell that I was attempting to be humorous… or if he perhaps thought I was a lapsed-Catholic serial killer.  He did widen the gap between us quite swiftly after that exchange!


Views from the bridge:


My Team Fox flags: #ThinkAble      (made by Devil Woman Flags, btw)


Racer (from Peru) with Team Achilles International doing able.


#Selfie Relishing my #GoTeamFox 2015 NYC Marathon #NoOppWasted experience. I always stop & take a few pictures, a little bit of time, on the apex of this bridge.


If you think walking or running up the bridge is challenging, I can assure you that wheeling up is more-than-daunting.  From the base of this bridge to the top of it, that’s the part of the NYC Marathon that I dread the most; having reached the top, with the long-slow pedal-climb behind me, that’s the part to which I most look forward. So I stay there, for just a while, to take everything in. To celebrate. To appreciate the ability that brought me up there. To express gratitude for the journey, thanksgiving for everyone who helped me – in heaps or in smidgens, in dollars & in words – make the trip to that glorious spot.


I love the time I’ve allowed myself to spend on the top of that bridge. I love the physical, geographic space. I love watching the racers, the tremendous noise of their collective footfalls. I love choosing a bib number & calling it out to cheer someone on from my sort-of-hidden location. I love being above the river, seeing the topsides of trees & boats & buildings. When I’m up there, in that place, the depth & breadth of my senses & my emotions are somehow multiplied exponentially.

I love the smack-dab highest point of that bridge even more than I love crossing the Finish Line. #WhichIsReallySayingSomething

I also love Woohoo-ing! the other athletes with disabilities as they slog up the incline of the bridge.

Here’s one of my favorite photos from the event:  Found street art. Racers flying by on the main portion of the bridge in the background, with Team Achilles shirts shining brightly. My beloved 3-wheeled #ThinkAble human-powered machine – ICE VTX – proudly waving #TeamFoxPride flags & a “fox” tail.



Riding by the awesomely fabulous Team Fox cheering stations.


Thanks to all of the foxy cheerleaders! They caught me off-guard, here. Those raucous revelers were so loud I almost peed myself wildly supportive!!!


Again, thanks to everybody who encouraged me throughout my training, made donations to my fundraising efforts for Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research – almost $6,000, so far! – and supported my 2015 NYC Marathon Pay-It-Forward-Mission journey with Team Fox! #CheersHugsGratitudeLove #ToEachAndEveryOneOfYou


I feel wicked-blessed to have had the opportunity to make a difference for a cause so close & dear to my heart. Racing to raise funds & awareness for Team Fox was the perfect way to ride my 3rd & final NYC Marathon. #LuckyMe

Luke thanks you, too. Have I mentioned how much he loves Central Park? And, trust me, if any service dog deserves to be rewarded, it’s Luke. Especially during a trip to New York City. NYC is a rough place to navigate, for even the most devoted & experienced of assistance dogs.

Without Luke, I wouldn’t even be able to travel around to do fundraising events. Service dogs don’t just change lives; service dogs facilitate living life out-loud.


Again, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU: To everybody ~ For helping me manifest this long-held #NoOppWasted dream.