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I’d love it if you might help me raise funds and/or awareness for this phenomenal nonprofit that supports firefighters, their families, and the communities they serve – which means, in other words – *all* of us!

The Leary Firefighters Foundation seems to fly under the radar of media coverage, going about the business of making a difference in much the same way that firefighters themselves often do. Let’s face it, we tend to take firefighters and their constant vigilance for granted, don’t we? Until we need them, that is.

LFF makes sure that firefighters have what they need – equipment, training, etc. – to do their job, to save our homes & businesses, schools & hospitals, our lives. LFF helps out when firefighters are injured–or worse, lose their lives in the line of duty. LFF is the kind of organization and the kind of people you want to have your back, to be there for you in the wake of tragedy. If you couldn’t provide for your family, trust me, the folks at LFF are the cavalry you’d hope to step in. They have proven time and time again that they know how to help in times of need.

Please, help support them in any way you’re able. Of course money is good! Spreading the word is a wonderful gift, as well. Pass along the link to this blog, talk to friends and family about Leary Firefighters Foundation and the amazing work they’ve done and continue to do every day. Don’t we all need some good news to spread? I know I love hearing about people doing good out in the world, people making a difference. So, in sending the name Leary Firefighters Foundation out through the grapevine, not only are you spreading the good news about these folks, you’re actually *doing* good, yourself! For which LFF & I are very grateful.

If you happen to have a few bucks to give to this cause, please, please do. With cash in hand, LFF can do incredible things for those who risk their lives day in and day out for all of us. And you’ll be encouraging me in my journey to reclaim the title of “athlete” and to make a difference with my two legs pedaling through the miles of New York City in the marathon on November 7th. I’d love to have your support in my goal of inspiring others to reach out and claim (or reclaim) an active, meaningful, adventure-filled life.

Thank you ~