To my dear friends & family who are querying (with understandable concern):

I will absolutely be there this weekend to take my place as one of thousands (upon thousands) of dedicated riders at the Start Line of the Lone Star BP MS 150.

I’ve put in over 1500 miles – just since the first of the year – in training for this No Opportunity Wasted event.  Training for this event has been one of The Most Challenging things I’ve ever put myself through.  My goal/dream for the 2013 BP MS 150 is to ride all 150 miles.  Something I’ve not been able to accomplish in the two previous Bike MS events I’ve participated in.

If anything – injury or worse – were to happen to me while I’m out riding on any given day, please know that I was engaged in living my life to the fullest, brightest & juiciest.  Please understand, I don’t say this lightly, and yes, I absolutely mean what I’m saying. With all of my mind, body & heart.  No reservations.

If, while in the process of taking action to manifest any of my wild-and-crazy-dreams, I’m harmed in some way, or get taken all the way out of this gorgeous world & away from all I love – please, Please, PLEASE know that – as the saying (& the song) goes –  “all is well with my soul.”

That, I can promise you.