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Or, in other words, I’m gonna whup-up on Multiple Sclerosis like Tommy Gavin going Irish-drunk-crazy (is that redundant?) in an episode of Rescue Me.  Remember when he roughed up Michael J Fox’s wheelchair-bound character?  So, like that, only sort of reversed, but retaining the Gavin-esque fortitude & attitude.  Me, cripple chick, gonna put the smack-down on the MS monster.  And without the assistance of Irish whiskey!  Unfortunately 😉

*A small disclaimer for the benefit of any of my former teachers who might be reading this – the good sisters of the Incarnate Word & Sacred Heart: sorry about saying “ass,” and, No! of course I don’t drink whiskey.  (Well, not much. But when I do, it’s always Irish. It’s the godliest liquor of them all. And just might even be sanctioned by the pope, himself. Possibly all of them)

My references to Denis Leary & Rescue Me are actually quite fitting since I’m a member of Team LFF, the Leary Firefighters Foundation, founded by Denis Leary  – AKA Tommy Gavin.  Don’t you just love it when the dots connect like that?  (OK, that might only be me & my ADD/OCD/Virgo brain. Or it could be the Irish whiskey – sorry)

You, dear reader, are so lucky!  You still have a couple days to support my history-making ride in the New York Marathon (if you haven’t already) & to help me raise funds & awareness for this phenomenal charity organization.  Please, take this opportunity to show that you don’t take our firefighters for granted.  What better way to shout-out that you acknowledge & appreciate the work they do for us all, day in and day out, keeping our communities & homes & families – our flat-screen TVs & beloved pets & collection of 1st-edition books & vintage T-shirts from the 70s & 80s (now 3 sizes too small) – safe from harm.  Firefighters are in the business – the vocation – of saving lives.  Let’s say Thank You!!!

Alternatively or in addition, your support can be a way to say, Hey, Denise, I think that you – a woman who gets around with the help of a mobility assistance service dog – are nuts, deluded, a skimpily-clad-hot-babe (sorry, Sisters!) short of a harem bonkers for thinking you could ever participate in a marathon, much less complete one, much even-lesser (sorry, Sr. Mark Edward, former English teacher), the largest, most prestigious marathon in the world. So I’d like to express my encouragement of your harebrained idea – because I love that show Jackass and the guys who do extreme sports and the idiots on that show Wipe Out and all the freaks who think they can outrun police on Cops – all of whom you remind me of. (preposition ending, sorry, again, Sister Mark Edward) I want to cheer you on by donating the cost of the margarita or cappuccino (or Irish whiskey!) I’d gladly buy you if we were hanging out.  Or, hey, let me donate a little more, because this is huge freakin’  bat-guano-crazy stuff you’re attempting!

Yeah, I kinda like the sound of that.  Normally it annoys me when people talk in the third person about themselves, but maybe they’re onto something? (OK, not so much.)  But seriously folks, if you’re able to donate – a little or a lot – firefighters everywhere, and I, would be eternally grateful ~

Here’re some ways for you to follow my progress in the marathon on race day, this Sunday, November 7th

Online Athlete Tracker:  free race-day service, visit ingnycmarathon.org on November 7th

Text Message Athlete Alert:  sign up at ingnycmarathon.org to receive on-demand updates, one-time setup fee of $2.99

Tune In:  NBC4 New York offers live coverage of the entire race; after the race catch the 2-hour highlight special on NBC Sports

Marathon App:  for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, download it today!

Here’s the link to buy me a margarita or cappuccino or bottle of fine Pope-approved Irish whiskey – or ten, if you’re feeling really generous (&, yeah, I think you are!):  http://www.active.com/donate/teamlff/deniselanier 

Update: last year’s donation link no longer works, but this year’s does, if you’re so inclined ;0)


Thank you! Cheers,