I’ll be riding in the handcycle division of the 2015 NYC Marathon as a proud member of Team Fox, raising awareness & funds for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, in just 10 days!

Today is “Marty McFly Day,” the date when Marty McFly & Doc Brown arrive in the future in Back to the Future II.


While it’s true that I’m not exactly what you’d call “DeLorean-fast” with my wheels …


I have put in many miles & hours of training, and I promise to give everything I have on November 1st to race towards a cure for Parkinson’s. #Swoosh


That said, if anybody has a Flux Capacitor sitting around, I’d be more than happy to have that accessory to aid my progress to the Finish Line =0)

My health has not been the greatest of late, so all of my focus, energy & “good days” have gone into the actual training:  swimming laps, mat Pilates, and riding, riding, riding.  I have not raised nearly as much money as I had hoped; I’ve come nowhere near my fundraising goal. Given how much this mission, this cause, matters to me, it’s hard to not feel really disappointed regarding my lack of ability to reach my fundraising goal.

If you’re new to my blog & don’t know the story of why I’m immensely, passionately invested in making my participation with Team Fox matter as much as I possibly can, please check out this prior post.  Short version:  Michael J. Fox inspired me, motivated me, at a time when I most needed to hear a voice of hope (right after my MS diagnosis, in the midst of the worst exacerbation of my symptoms & coupled with acute hypersensitive (adverse) reactions to the prescribed medication therapy.

Michael J. Fox’s beliefs & actions, in response to having his life intersected with illness, provided me with the ability to envision my own life – both my day-to-day & my future – with optimism.  His real-life example motivated me to transform my thinking & my actions. I’ve been trying to find a way to say Thank You as loudly as possible ever since. And while I am, without a doubt, a lover of all-things-words, I also know that actions are what effect change.  Which is why it matters so greatly, so deeply, to me that my actions “say” THANK YOU with the largest impact I can possibly make for The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Please, if you’re able to contribute, I humbly ask you to support my efforts in racing – kinda-sorta DeLorean-fast-ish – towards a Cure for Parkinson’s.  I desperately need your donations to reach my fundraising goal: every dollar, every penny, makes a difference!

My personal Team Fox Donation Page HERE.  Thank you!!!


Yet another addition to the photo-file of, “Even a toddler could take better selfies than I can.”  But, gosh-dang, my Team Fox gear still manages to look totally FABULOUS!