The lovely folks at ICE Trikes were kind enough to take some photos of my new trike being assembled.

First, the parts are hand-selected from the shelves and placed onto the trolly that holds all the pieces that will soon become a customized-just-for-me 2014 VTX.


The ICE stickers are carefully applied to the main cruciform. IMG_5586

Steering is put into place.


Everything is checked for straight & level.


Brakes are good to have.


A smooth-running cassette to keep those gears shifting with ease.


Building up the medium-sized carbon seat. (the VTX comes standard with a large; I need a slightly less “tall” seat to accommodate my shorter torso)


And short cranks, for my short legs. (another customized bit on my VTX)


By my count, that’s three different guys who all worked on my trike.  How lucky am I?

Stay tuned for more photos.  My new VTX arrives via the FedEx stork in the next couple of days.  Woohoo!!!  In the meantime, you can read all about the new VTX, and check out the ICE Sprint & Adventure on their website.  Oh, and this guy Dave McCraw wrote a fab review of the ICE VTX that shouldn’t be missed if you’re thinking of ordering your very own in the near future.

I highly recommend BROL – ‘Bent Rider Online – as the best community of recumbent cyclers and a terrific source of information for all things 3-wheeled recumbent, especially.  Bryan Ball’s review of the ICE VTX+ can be found HERE. And don’t forget to check out the Message Boards, where there’s a general discussion area, as well as separate forums for trike riders, newbies to the ‘bent world, events, classifieds, a home-builder section, and much more.

My triking buddy Steve Greene – AKA the Trike Hobo – will be cross-posting some photos and reviews of the ICE VTX, so stay tuned to Trike Asylum for more updates!