It’s Triple Miles Weekend! This weekend only, October 26th & 27th, you can raise $3 towards a cure for Parkinson’s for every mile you ride, run & walk.


Just download the free Charity Miles App, choose Michael J. Fox Foundation, and press Start to begin tracking your miles.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can log your miles manually right HERE – it’s quick & painless.

My goal for the weekend is 100 – 150 miles.   Imagine the difference we can make with our collective miles in a single weekend!

Please spread the word to your walking, running & cycling buddies.  Tell your gyms & YMCAs, your running club, your neighbors.  Tell your local bike shops & cycling organizations.  Post on forums & Facebook; Tweet & Tumble.

You don’t have to walk, run or ride any more miles than you usually do.

*The App is free.

** The money is ALREADY donated by a sponsor.

***All you have to do is claim the dollars through your tracked miles.


Seriously, has it ever been any easier to be a superhero?

Please, pass it on:  one weekend of all of us moving – united in our motivation, in our mission – could produce the momentum needed to CURE Parkinson’s.