THIS is a Vehicle ALERT from the Wonkybent Broadcasting System:

Have you seen a Volvo XC70?


Does it need a new home???  As in, my house 🙂


Having an illness and/or disability can make you high maintenance in certain regards, such as the issue of chronic pain necessitating a more comfortable seat & overall ride experience in a vehicle. My exhaustive test-driving has led me to the conclusion that my personal special-needs – the “neediest” of which is hip pain (owing to avascular necrosis, which is caused by multiple courses of IV steroids to treat MS exacerbations) is best served with a luxury vehicle.


The term luxury is synonymous with “expensive,” of course, which might as well be synonymous with “out of my price range.”  Hence, the pre-owned designation of this in-search-of car post that sounds more like a Wanted Poster or a Car “Amber” Alert.  And, since I want/need this car, it would have to be a virtual unicorn, right?  As unpopular as the traditional station wagon may be, it would seem the Volvo XC70 wagon is the most desired & therefore the least available in the used marketplace.  Heck, it’s even hard to find in the new marketplace, with Volvo dealerships only having an average of one to a half-dozen in their inventory, when they have any at all.

If my body itself weren’t special-needs enough, imagine how challenging the right vehicle is to find when you throw an 80lb fluffy-golden always-with-me service dog into the mix: rear A/C vents, please, leather seats & low step-in vehicle height, please.  Now add to that the frequent need to transport a recumbent trike:  with a fold-flat cargo area, please, and low entry for lifting said wheels up and into the back of the car, please.  See?  When I say I’m special-needs, I kid you not.

So if you happen to know of or just happen upon a “lost” Volvo XC70 wagon, please let me know.  Should I make her mine, I promise to pet her & hug her & squeeze her & call her George. If you don’t get that Loony Tunes reference, never mind; if you do, I adore you for being one of my people. :0)

THANK YOU for any tips/leads to my future comfort-bringing






Volvo XC70 dream car ~~~

***Beep Beep Beeeep***

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