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With today’s ride I’ll be turning over 1000 miles on my new(to me) trike. Do you believe it? One THOUSAND Miles, in less than two months!


I took receipt of a 2011 ICE Vortex FS at the end of January.

I took her out for the first real (over 10 miles) ride on February 2nd.

Denise Rides 37 miles 039

Having full suspension has allowed me to double the distance of my rides, making what used to be my “long” rides – between 20 & 30 miles – my new “short” rides.

I’ve also been incredibly blessed to find a group of cyclists to ride with. Here’re some of the guys posing – upon my insistence – at Froberg Farms,


where we often ride. And where we also-often partake of the remarkably delicious fried pies made with fresh fruit grown & harvested right there. (MMMmmm pie)

Life is good. Life with cycling is better. Cycling with friends is incredibly joy-filled.

My new-to-me 2011 Vortex FS is, quite frankly, heaven on wheels :0)