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How does the challenge of riding replicate living with MS everyday?

“Both are unpredictable.

In cycling, it’s the hills, rain, wind & terrain.

With MS, it’s the fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness & sensitivity to heat.

We take what comes & respond the best we can.  Day by day; moment by moment.

The focus is what we can do, not what we can’t do.”

I just discovered an awesome group of folks right here in my own backyard:  the organization Because I Can, founded by Ron Brannigan.  They’re cyclists, who have MS.  I find them – & this video – so inspiring. I can’t wait to come across some of these riders at the Lone Star Bike MS event in April.

Here’s to all the members of Because I Can, to all of you riders out there overcoming adversity – I tip my helmet to you!  And even though these other crazy-wonderful cyclists of Team Chain Gang are my official team for the 2013 Lone Star BP Bike MS, I consider Because I Can – as well as each & every one of you out there meeting conquering challenges day-in & day-out to pedal forward in celebration doing what you can because you can – my Bike MS teammates for life.

Yesterday, I did my longest ride ever: 61.93 miles.  Woohoo!


As noted in the graph, I’m not very remarkable in the speedy department. But then there’s not a graph on Cyclemeter that charts output VS adversity. I’d like to think the blue line would soar upwards for me on that kind of chart. At least that’s what I aspire towards 🙂

I’ve been riding an average of 5 days a week (weather permitting) and clocking between 35 & 45 miles per ride. As most of you know – because I can’t quit talking/blogging/Facebooking/Tweeting about it – I’m training hard for the upcoming Lone Star Bike MS.  The MS 150 is one of the greatest challenges I give myself; it is also my gift to others, to everyone whose lives are touched by MS.  This will be my 3rd MS 150, my 2nd year doing the Lone Star Bike MS ride.  If you’d like to support me, I’d be tickled pink!

It would make me equally happy-tinged to have you support any rider of any Bike MS, happening all across the country.  Donating to one of those riders for Because We Can would be a great choice, too.

Here’s what one member said about being involved with Because We Can:

“It has truly woken me up to how precious living in the moment is.”

Now that’s what I call a No Opportunity Wasted outlook on life.  Phil Keoghan (speaking of heroes) would be really proud!

Keep on pedalin’, y’all ~~~