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Howdy folks!

Sorry I’ve not been posting much of late but some MS-related vision issues finally reached a critical point where surgical intervention became necessary, so I’ve been dealing with pre-op testing, then the actual surgeries, and now post-op recovery.

Reading, writing, TV-watching & driving are seriously (and very sadly) limited. Swimming & cycling aren’t allowed for now, and that’s taking a real toll–physically, mentally & spiritually.  Keeping my body moving has been key to my happiness & health, to fighting back against the arsenal of MS.  When I’m forced to be still everything feels wrong, even kind of dangerous.  I feel like one of those hapless chicks in horror films who twists her ankle while fleeing the psychotic killer, then falls down and just waits for the nightmare to catch up to her.

Ack!  I don’t like this “taking it easy” recovery thing at all.

I hope to be back in the pool & back on the road–pedaling 3 wheels–very soon. In the meantime, please feel free to share your own summertime tales, trike-riding or otherwise.  I’ll have to adventure vicariously for the time being!  :::grumble grumble:::

In other news, Luke is very happy with the extra time I have to spend spoiling him :0)