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Hey everybody, here’s the interview Don Teague did with my service dog Luke – in which I make a cameo appearance.

It aired Wednesday on local (Houston) Fox News and my hope is that anybody who might be looking for a way to become or stay active – in spite of illness, injury or any other challenge – would see this interview and give a recumbent trike a try. I’m also hoping that anyone watching who may’ve had a life-altering event similar to mine – one that blocks the pathway of the course you’ve spent decades charting – might gain some encouragement from my story. I whole-heartedly believe that many of the obstacles we face are tremendous opportunities on their flipsides.

Here’s Luke, the trike, even a little bit of poetry, and me.

I’ll be in the Dallas area for the Friedreich’s Ataxia fundraising ride with Kyle Bryant on March 24th. Come out and say Howdy if you’re around. And please donate to the cause if you’re able!  Kyle happens to be one of my heroes and also one of the chief encouragers of getting me going on three wheels, which, if you’ve read this blog very much at all, you know has majorly influenced – in fact, outright transformed – my health, head-space and heart-space these last couple of years.

I’ve never actually met Kyle in person so I’m really looking forward to that; there’s something about looking someone in the eye and voicing your gratitude to them that is a truly exceptional, grace-filled experience. If you ever have that kind of opportunity with someone who’s inspired you and made a remarkable difference in your life, don’t let the chance pass you by.

More about Kyle and my other heroes can be found in the previous post, including the time I got to thank Michael J. Fox – and actually hug him – on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

I need to post updates on the feral cat rescue and domestication efforts going on over her in Casa Lanier, especially in regard to this week’s unexpected  and  Oh. My. God. developments.

I also have updates on the found/rescued horse-of-a-dog. (who still needs a loving home!)

So stay tuned, you lovely readers out there. And if you’re the word-lovin’ sort, hop on over to my other blog WordPlay. Sometimes I cross-post between my two blogs but not very often, so if you’re trying to keep up with me you’ll need to subscribe to both :0)