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You’re not gonna believe this. Turns out that there’s a training facility for firefighters in League City right on the cycling route I use weekly. Sometimes, depending upon how much time I have, whether I have access to Gary’s Mazda Tribute (lordy, I really do need an SUV-ish trike-transport-friendly wagon-mobile), I do the League City training route 3 times or more in a single week.

Lo & behold, I’ve been passing right by the very kind of place that Leary Firefighters Foundation provides for firefighters.

OK, I didn’t mean to take a photo of firefighter butts. But, they were there. And I was there. I couldn’t help myself.  My iPhone just snapped the photo completely of its own accord. I swear!

Now, this photo, see, I was actually aiming at the building. The firefighters were in my way. What can you do?

I wasn’t even aiming in this picture. I was simply holding my iPhone & my thumb must’ve brushed across the little *SNAP* icon thingy. Total accident. (those touch-screens are so sensitive, you know?)  That guy in the far left corner of the frame, with the really big hose, he looks very happy to be training, doesn’t he?

Look, actual fire happening!

These were training exercises for the fire science school at College of The Mainland. The facility in League City is used by several local training programs.

Sam, the Chief.

Stop it! I was focusing on his shirt, people, his shirt. Geez.

OK, last completely incidental firefighter-butts-on-parade shot.

Don’t ask me what the guy in the window is taking photos of; I told him he was shooting from the wrong side.  (is it just me, or does he look slightly Rapunzelesque up there?)

Did you know that Leary Firefighters Foundation has donated state-of-the-art training facilities in both Worcester, MA & NYC?

Worcester Fire Dept. burn tower

The High Rise Simulator for FDNY

& the Flashover Training Ctr. – both at the FDNY training academy on Randall’s Island

I’m crazy-proud to be a part of Team Leary Firefighters Foundation–to have the privilege of raising funds & awareness for them with my ride in the NYC Marathon via recumbent trike in the handcycle division this coming November 6th.

How lucky am I?

How lucky we all are to have LFF helping firefighters so that they can better serve our communities. Thanks for all you do Leary Firefighters Foundation!!!


I only have 3 1/2 weeks left to reach my fundraising goal and I really, really need your help!