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The thing about a recumbent trike that radically changes how you see the world–

the point from which you take everything in–

is its low seat-height.

Another factor is that you’re traveling at speeds far slower than you would be if you were sightseeing in a car. Wildlife doesn’t scatter for a curious woman on three wheels the way it does for a motorized vehicle.

And there’s the fact that, unlike a regular diamond frame bike–where your body is bent over, your shoulders are hunched and you’re often looking down at the road or straight ahead–a recumbent allows a relaxed, laid-back position, with your head up and your eyes able to travel a much wider field of vision,

as far right and left as you choose to peruse. Without any fear of crashing into something just because you’ve turned your head.

On a recumbent, I see a lot of sights I’ve seen before,

and think I know well. And yet I’m given the opportunity to see it all in a different way.

Of course I encounter that which I’ve never seen before, too, because now I’m at eye-level, discovering what was previously unnoticed or obscured, or simply skewed & diminished with the speed of a car or the full height of my walking-along body.

Because I was on a trike I noticed creatures, furry and running and leaping, in shallow water on the beach side of the Texas City Dike. I’d driven the dike many times, but never noticed dogs romping there before.

Which is why Luke now has a new beachy place to play, and has made new friends.

And learned how to fish along the shore.

I just have to say, I’m loving the world this way.

All of these photos were taken in Texas City on Skyline Drive, which runs along Galveston Bay and Moses Lake, and on the Texas City Dike which connects to Skyline Drive–giving a glorious ride of 20 miles round-trip.

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