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Steve Greene, of the awesome blog Trike Asylum, has a new book on the way.  It’s about tadpole-style trikes (like mine) & features folks from the 3-wheeled world (like me).  Actually, exactly like me.  No, wait, not like me.  For-real me. (I swear)  I’m in the book :0)

“Free On Three” is coming out this summer; which means, soon.  (I can determine this by the breath-of-life-sucking sky-high heat index I’ve been cycling in the past few weeks, the last couple most especially)  Look at this gorgeous cover (with my name on it) ((did I mention that I’m in the book?)) (((not someone “like” me; the official & authorized me)))

Want the book?  (and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t?)  You can check back on Steve’s blog for release date details: http://trikeasylum.wordpress.com/wild-steves-trike-book/

You probably want to go visit Trike Asylum regardless, if you haven’t already.  This guy has trekked up mountains & through deserts on his trike—a true adventurer!

Check back here, or, even better, come To RECUMBENT CYCLE-CON in October, where you can meet Steve Greene yourself & even have your book signed.  I’ll be there, too—and you can meet Luke the Wonder Dog.

Finest mobility assistance canine on the planet. (he doesn’t have his own book yet, but just give him time)

Here’s the info on the recumbent convention, which is in October (perfect riding & traveling weather) in the lovely state of California:  http://bit.ly/lPecuf

From the link, you’ll see that it’s also a trade show, which means you’ll be able to check out almost all the recumbent trike/bike manufacturers, as well as a plethora (god I love that word) of cycling-related goodies.  I’m not sure there’s a better way to learn about & test ride a variety of trikes/bikes if you’re in the market for one, so you should get yourself (or your loved one) to Recumbent Cycle-Con.  Even if you’re not ready to buy quite yet, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to manufacturers, dealers & other riders; you’ll have all kinds of wheeled configurations to choose from—see what kind of seat, seat-height, steering design, frame, suspension or not, wheels & tires, suit you best.  So that when you are ready to make that life-altering purchase, you’ll have done your homework and know without a doubt you’ll soon have the best possible fit of trike & rider. The better that fit, the more you’ll ride—which is the whole point.

I’m pretty excited about the panels, workshops & discussions, too (no, I’m not kidding).   Especially this one. “Adaptive Cycling: A roundtable discussion for manufacturers, dealers, and users, focused on special needs cycling.”

As most of you know, I try to spread the word about recumbent trikes whenever & wherever I can.  My ICE QNT is a 3-wheeled miracle as far as my independence, freedom, health & happiness are concerned.  I want as many people to know about trikes as possible; these things have the power to change lives.  Especially the lives of folks living with illness, injury, disability—any kind of body, really, that isn’t a good match for traditional running & biking.

I believe everybody deserves to feel the way I do when I’m out there on the road with wheels spinning, utilizing all the strength & stamina my body can generate.  And it’s so much more than physical fitness (though it definitely is that).  Cycling improves the mind/body/spirit connection.  Which, if you have challenges in health & mobility, you might not have even been able to establish—much less actually enjoy—in a long, long time.

Let me know if you’re going to be at Recumbent Cycle-Con so that I can look for you!  And let me know if you read Free on Three, Steve & I would love to know what you think.


I only have till November 21st to reach my fundraising goal and I really, really need your help!