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I’ve heard of a fellow recumbent triker who has Parkinson’s.  Like me, he believes that life should be fun and full of adventure.  Also like me, he believes in doing whatever it takes to make that happen.  No matter what your degree of health, your body’s level of ability or disability.  This guy has a goal of raising awareness about Parkinson‘s and educating as many people as he can.  He wants to help raise funds for research.  He’s on a mission to gather up as many passionate souls as possible to join him in his goal to find a cure for Parkinson’s.

How’s he doing that?  Well, on a trike, of course!  And the means by which he hopes to reach even more people than his traveling and trike rides can take him, is film.  A documentary about Larry Smith and his three-wheeled advocacy tour.

He needs our help to make this happen, and my hope is that you’ll all join me in supporting him and his mission.

Larry’s film is important to me, personally.  Not just because he’s a fellow trike rider whose life-with-Parkinson’s has been transformed by the glory of cycling, but also because my grandfather, Parker Blankenship, also had Parkinson’s.  And because my Grampa Parker, like Larry, was a fighter.  Someone who vowed to make every bit of life the he had left as rich and active and beautiful and meaningful as it could possibly be.

I’ve written on this blog many times what an inspiration Michael J Fox has been to me.  What Larry Smith’s story has made me realize is how much my Grampa and Michael J Fox have in common.  (How did I not connect these dots before?) Like my grandfather, Michael J Fox and Larry Smith demonstrate a spirit that burns brightly in the face of a deluge.  An onslought that just keeps blowing and pouring down, getting stronger as time goes on.  These men are the kind of warriors who can stand in the middle of a storm and radiate warmth, light, calm.  On many occasions, they manage to surpass that by generating celebration, passion, a kind of fierce and focused determination that doesn’t just change things or transcend circumstances, it changes people.

People like me.

So, I’d absolutely love it if you’d take the time to read Larry’s story.  Just follow the links below to check out his advocacy rides on his recumbent trike and the plans for this exciting documentary.  If you’re so inclined and able, join me in supporting a worthy mission, a film that could be the agent of information & education, encouragement & inspiration & change for so very many people.  And let’s not forgot the true goal, the end-game:  A CURE.

Larry Smith, if you’re reading this – I want to come ride with you, someday!

And if y’all are in a super-philanthropy mood . . .