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One of the places I love to ride around is the Historic Sixth Ward neighborhood nestled between Allen Parkway & Washington Avenue on the edge of downtown. It has some gorgeous restored homes, as well as some still needing to be loved back to their former glory.

I take a camera with me and photograph on drink/snack/rest/stretch breaks from riding; sometimes Gary comes along with his much fancier camera and does the shooting. It enchants me that the neighborhood is chock-full of such diverse, compelling images–some created, artfully and with intent–others that just happen as part of life, the passage of time and circumstances.

Here are just a few that I really like. The Beer Can Virgin Mary & the man sleeping on his porch with the stolen shopping cart from Sears out front are my favorites. (If he pushed that cart all the way from the closest Sears, it was a long push, I have to say!)

The open cat food cans and empty beer bottle on the weathered porch with the flag on the front door–that photo seems to hold an entire short story waiting to happen, as well.