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I’m a stray dog magnet on the trike. It could be because I’m down low, at their level. It could be because they’ve never seen anything like the arrangement of these three wheels and metal and human before. It could be because they have super-sniffing powers and they detect the fruit, nuts, granola, Luna bars and GU gels in my pack, the sugary smell of Gatorade.

It could be that word has spread in the dog grapevine that I take a dog everywhere I go–my mobility assistance service dog Luke, and they want to meet this lucky dog who gets to wear a uniform and go places regular dogs can’t.

Sadly, Luke doesn’t get to come with me when I’m riding. But once I build my strength up, there’s a kind of trailer/stroller attachment that can be fitted to the back of the QNT that will allow Luke to be where he’s supposed to be. With me. I just need to get to the point that I’m able to pedal another 20 pounds of trailer + 80 pounds of Golden Retriever. Think about it, though. Luke will finally get what he deserves: a free ride!

Until then, I’ll keep saying Howdy to the friendly, curious strays. I’ll share my snacks and enjoy their company, take in their doggy smiles of gratitude. I’ll keep outrunning the aggressive strays; the ones who are sure that whatever this alien, spinning, ticking thing flying by is, it needs to D I E!